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  • California Food and Justice Coalition
  • Strategic Planning
    Work with board to develop long-term outreach plan to build statewide support.

  • California Native Plant Society
  • Strategic Planning. Organizational Development.

  • Community Food Security Coalition (CFSC)
  • Strategic Planning, Organizational Development
    A national network of food and community activist organizations that promotes comprehensive solutions to the nation’s food problems through research, policy advocacy, technical assistance, and building regional outreach programs. Develop a facilitation plan for California Community Food Security Summit and assist in formulation of statewide action plan for 2002 and 2003.

  • Farm Aid
  • Coalition Building, Strategic Planning
    Organize coalition building among state-based family farm and food organizations that resulted in formation of National Farm Action Campaign.

  • National Farm Action Campaign (NFAC)
  • Campaign Development, Campaign Coordination
    Assess capacity of groups to conduct national campaign on farm policy. Organize and facilitate planning meetings and conference calls. Develop plan to organize campaign. Supervise staff and committees in process of refining plan, initiating grass roots campaigns, fundraising, and hiring staff.

  • Raley’s Family of Fine Stores
  • Communications Planning, Branding and Media Training
    Develop plan for assessing $3 billion supermarket chain’s communications needs. Organize internal review process and carry out focus groups resulting in first company-wide communications plan and reordering of communications, press relations and public affairs activities to better support the development of the comapny brand.

  • Sacramento Food Summit
  • Communications Planning and Marketing
    Help community based food activists to develop a communications and marketing plan in support of a local foods project.

  • Sacramento Hunger Commission
  • Organizational Development, Strategic Planning
    Develop a three-year plan to refocus the resources of county-wide organization to better fulfill the commissionís revised mission statement.



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