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  • Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges
  • Strategic Planning. Staff and Board Development.
    Work with the president to develop a more inclusive strategic communications plan. Orient and train staff and board members to new strategic direction.

  • Campaign Coordination and Crisis Management
    Work daily with AFL-CIO staff and leadership in major West Coast port cities to develop outreach campaign and respond to news media inquiries during contract negotiations with global shipping companies.

  • Alliance for a Better California
  • Campaign Management
    Helped plan, hire and manage field staff in a statewide effort to educate and mobilize voters on a series of flawed initatives in 2005.

  • American Federation of Musicians
  • Community Relations Strategy
    Develop outreach plan to support casino musicians in contract campaign effort.

  • California Association of Highway Patrolmen
  • Media Production
    Wrote and designed newspaper ads and posters for public campaign and member education on proposed plan to privatize public retirement funds.

  • California Association of Professional Scientists (CAPS)
  • Marketing and Communications Strategy, Media Relations
    Develop branding campaign for public health professionals and other key public service science jobs.

  • California Faculty Association (CFA)
  • Membership Mobilization Campaign
    Develop membership outreach campaign and complimentary communications effort. Goal of gathering 12,000 campaign endorsers on 23 campuses and within six weeks secured 13,152 signatures.

  • California Prison Industry Authority
  • Strategic Planning
    PIA is co-sponsoring a series of meetings to look at how they prepare inmates for jobs when they leave the prison system and how they and their partners can improve their efforts to place former inmates in jobs.

  • California State Council of SEIU
  • Communications Strategy, Campaign Management
    Develop campaign plan for local agency representative to the CalPERS Board of Administration. Serve as campaign consultants to State Council of SEIU in efforts to elect a union leader. Coordination of members communication efforts.

  • California State Labor Federation
  • Grassroots Campaign Strategy
    Pension fund trustee education and capital strategies. Campaign strategies on CalPERS’ policy for investments in emerging markets. Outreach to build a California capital strategies program with multi-union participation.

  • Californians for Health Care and Retirement Security
  • Communications Strategy, Policy Research
    Conducted research, developed binder and training program for employee organizations on approaches to the complex and emerging issue of post-employment benefits programs in public employment.
    Handling GASB 43/45 and OPEB 
  • City of Lake Oswego
  • Citizen Involvement, Opinion Research and Planning
    Confronting a growing population of aging Baby Boomers Lake Oswego Oregon decided to invest in a citizen engagement process that reached out to community organizations to help shape future policy on aging.

  • Establishment of Non-Profit. Strategic Planning. Board Development.
    Work with home owners and elected officials to develop a statewide non-profit to encourage grass roots education about the rights of manaufactured home residents.

  • Equality for All
  • Campaign Strategy and Management
    Develop campaign plan, hire and manage day to day effort to protect right to marriage for all Californians.

  • Golden State Manufactured Home Owners League (GSMOL)
  • Board Development. Strategic Planning. Leadership Training.
    Work with newly elected president of statewide home owners association to develop new regional leadership, recruit and train new board members, develop a three-year plan, and launch a targeted organizing program with supporting training component.

  • Healthcare Access Now (HCAN)
  • Strategic Planning, Organizational Development
    HCAN seeks to improve access to health care for working families. Lincoln Crow assisted in finding strategic opportunities to address this challenge to prosperity and to identify key partners.

  • ILWU Coastwise Committee
  • Media Training, Public Relations Program Development
    Develop a model public relations program for local unions in four key regional transporation centers. Train local union officers and leaders on media relations and media strategy.

  • International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU)
  • Communications Strategy, Media Relations
    Develop research agenda and communications objectives regarding port and global shipping companies. Coordinate media relations in 29 ports.

  • Laborers International Union of North America (LIUNA)
  • Media Training
    Tailored and taught training for local staff and leadership from throughout Pacific South West.

  • Maria Elena Serna for Delta Community College Trustee
  • Campaign Planning and Management
    Helped develop successful strategy and plan for 15 year incumbent to retain seat on San Joaquin Delta Community College Board of Trustees. Managed her grassroots effort, and produced all elections materials in a six week time period.

  • National Union of Security Professionals (NUSP)
  • Direct Mail Campaigns
    Responsible for all aspects of creative development and coordination of several direct mail campaigns to increase membership.

  • No on Proposition 75
  • Campaign Development and Management
    Consulting team to defeat a statewide initiative that would undermine the ability of working families to voice their collective opinions through their unions. Develop research agenda, key messages, field plan, and all campaign materials in coordination with other initiative campaigns.

  • Oliver Baines for Fresno City Council
  • Campaign Strategy. Field Campaign Planning.
    Worked with campaign team to expand capacity to engage directly with voters through door knocking, phone banking, and community events. Developed outreach plan and trained staff.

  • Prewitt Organizing Fund
  • Institutional Marketing Effort
    Develop and implement marketing plan to increase visibility among three key constituencies.

  • Project California
  • Strategic Planning, Issues Campaign Management, Internet Outreach
    Project California, sponsored by California’s Attorney General Bill Lockyer, is an effort to look at long term policy issues raised by California’s growth. Develop outreach approach, organize meetings and public forums, and use web marketing to develop web-based public discussion.

  • Retired Public Employees Association (RPEA)
  • Strategic marketing. Membership Development. Direct Mail.
    Develop membership recruitment plan and direct mail outreach effort.

  • Sacramento River Cats
  • Strategic Planning, Organizational Development
    Advise community and business leaders on local government processes and policies, public administration, and city managerial issues. Assist in building civic leadership council in working class community of West Sacramento.

  • Sacramento Valley Organizing Community (SVOC)
  • Organizational Development
    Advise local affiliate of Industrial Areas Foundation on building relationships with local labor unions.

  • SEIU Healthcare Local 775 NW
  • Staff Development. Strategic Planning. Board Education.
    Work with Communications Department to develop budgets and comprehensive three-year plan. Train and mentor communications staff with focus on developing new skills to meet changing membership needs. Work with board members on developing additional communications skills.

  • Service Employees International Union (SEIU)
  • Media Strategy, Media Relations
    Develop and implement a media outreach plan to support statewide healthcare organizing effort under a strategic alliance with Tenet Healthcare. Build on local victories to develop a larger media story about the growing movement of health care workers uniting to improve patient care.

  • True Majority
  • Media Relations
    Coordinated coalition in news conference seeking to shape statewide policy regarding electronic voting. (True Majority was founded by Ben Cohen of Ben and Jerry’s Homemade Ice Cream)

  • Union of Needletrades, Industrial and Textile Employees (UNITE!)
  • Media Relations, Coalition Building
    Act as representative for garment trades union to organize local coalition, hold news conference and carry out direct action on new store in men’s wear chain selling clothing manufactured by slave labor in Myanmar.



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