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  • Financial Education. Leadership Development
    Presentations to local, regional, and national leadership forums on critical issues confronting pension funds and retirement security.

  • Amalgamated Bank
  • Communications Strategy and Marketing
    Assist America’s only union owned bank in marketing its west coast retail operations. Develop targeted marketing strategy for reaching key labor and working family audiences in a fashion that reinforces the mission of America’s Labor Bank. Refine follow-up strategy to help the bank promote specific services in California.

  • American Ingenuity Alliance (AIA)
  • Organizational Development, Marketing and Membership Strategy
    Assist founding members in building broad alliance of intellectual property owners and the organizations representing the working men and women who utilize their inventions. Develop key messages to targeted audiences and advise on membership recruitment and public outreach.

  • Australian Conference of Major Superannuation Funds (CMSF)
  • Policy Development, Event Coordination
    Work with staff of the organization representing the majority of Australian pension funds in developing an international conference about the future of member governed retirement plans. Develop conference agenda, recruit speakers and panelists, coordinate participants from four countries, and oversee development of conference report.

  • Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees (AIST)
  • Policy Development, Marketing, and Event Coordination
    Develop the agenda for Global Dialogue II gathering of pension trustees from three continents. Work with sponsors to package and market event. Help coordinate event.

  • Bill Lockyer For State Treasurer
  • Communications Strategy, Policy Research
    Develop policy positions and draft talking points for key groups with deeper interests in California debt, investment and health policy.

  • California Coalition for Investor Responsibility
  • Event Planning, Policy Development
    Organize workshop on public employee pension funds and investments in out-of-state energy companies who overcharged California ratepayers. Conduct research on investments, organized agenda, arranged outreach to trustees, and work with speakers on policy positions.

  • California Families Against Privatizing Retirement
  • Research, Message Development, Training and Campaign Coordination
    Work with team of consultants on major statewide campaign to fight proposals to convert public pensions into defined contribution plans, develop messages, train union leaders and activists and coordinate internal and external policy campaigning.
    Fighting Pension Privatization 
  • California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS)
  • Policy Research, Communications Strategy, and Marketing
    Developed research agenda and communications tools to help explain the impact of the $200 billion pension fund on the California economy. Created outreach vehicles for delivering economic messages to targeted audiences.

  • California Reinvestment Committee
  • Strategic Planning, Campaign Development
    Work with CRC staff and board to help shape statewide effort to increase investment in underserved communities by exposing bad banking practices of large, out-of-state financial corporations.

  • Californians for Public Employee Health and Retirement Security
  • Communications Strategy, Campaign Management
    Develop independent expenditure committee and campaign plan for election, and then re-election to the CalPERS Board of Administration. Serve as campaign consultants to committee in their efforts to elect a local union leader to this position. Coordinate production of materials, training, management of campaign staff communications.
    Winning Pension Power 
  • CalPERS Retirees for Henry Jones
  • Campaign Strategy and Management
    Develop and implement and independent expenditure campaign in support of a candidate for the retired members seat for the CalPERS Board of Administration.

  • Center for Working Capital, AFL-CIO
  • Coalition Development
    Develop and coordinate successful campaign for using human rights and labor issues as a screen for CalPERS' investments in emerging markets. Coordinate actions, supervise lobbying efforts, prepare testimony, and develop media strategies.

  • Changemakers
  • Communications Strategy, Grassroots Marketing
    Advise new community-based philanthropy foundation on developing a public image and media relations plan. Work with staff on developing specific outreach opportunities and on developing an overall communications plan.

  • Colorado Coalition for Retirement Security
  • Campaign Management, Message Development
    Help build a coalition to defeat an initiative to privatize public employee retirement, directed opinion research, developed messages and campaign plan, hired staff and trained organizations for camapign.

  • George Diehr for CalPERS
  • Policy Development, Constituent Outreach
    Manage all aspects of three campaigns to represent one million members on the country’s largest pension and health benefit fund.

  • Global Dialogue
  • Pension Trustee Education, Conference Marketing
    Develop program, recruit speakers, and market the conference for pension funds in US, Canada, England, Australia, and New Zealand.

  • Industry Funds Management
  • Communications Strategy, Marketing
    Organized and owned by several dozen Australian superannuation funds, IFM is a private funds manager specializing in infrastrucutre and private equity. IFM is reaching out to their US counterparts and Lincoln Crow has helped them to connect with pension funds and institutional managers here.

  • InventorEd, Inc.
  • Campaign Strategy and Grassroots Marketing
    Work with coalition of inventors and venture investors to develop educational materials on critical patent issues and distribute them to targeted opinion leader audiences.

  • LA Trustee Network
  • Conference Development. Marketing. Communications Strategy.
    Develop retirement security and responsible investment agenda for international pension fund trustee and staff conferences. Work with multiple stakeholders on content and outreach to panelists, speakers, and participants.

  • Financial Education. Leadership Development.
    Training with regional leaders in a variety of forums to build bridges between Taft-hartley and Public pension fund trustees.

  • National Public Pension Coalition
  • Campaign Assessments and Crisis Management
    Work with public employee organizations in a variety of states to assess the potential for developing a coordinated response to localized attacks on secure retirement. Develop strategic situation analysis, preliminary campaign plan, and provide assistance to start moving the campaign by developing media activities and coordinated messages.

  • Pacific Institute for Community Organization (PICO)
  • Campaign Development
    Research public pension fund investments in electrical power generators receiving windfall profits at expense of California ratepayers. Resulted in organizational testimony and actions before both CalPERS and CalSTRS boards.
    Building Homeowner Power 
  • Paratransit, Inc.
  • Communications Strategy, Campaign Planning, Organizational Development
    Research policy terrain for reauthorization of sales tax funding for transit in Sacramento County. Assist Paratransit, Inc. Board and top staff to develop strategy to convince opinion leaders and key decision makers to meet increasing needs for paratransit services in the region. Develop plan, materials and train staff on public education and ballot legislation campaigns.

  • Pension Protection Coalition
  • Communications Strategy, Crisis Management
    Develop message for statewide coalition of pension funds working to promote the importance of defined benefit plans.

  • Responsible Markets, LLC
  • Campaign Strategy, Organizational Development
    Advise native Hawaiian sovereignty activists on capital strategies and coalition building, resulting in formation of the Hawaiian Capital Stewardship Forum and efforts to develop investment programs in their community.

  • Robbins Geller Rudman & Dowd
  • Communications Strategy, Relational Marketing, Campaign Development
    Marketing of innovative settlement provisions that improve corporate governance. Media strategies on shareholder accountability issues. Outreach and communications to pension fund staff and trustees.

  • State Association of County Retirement Systems (SACRS)
  • Policy Research and Communications Strategy
    Develop analysis of economic impact of the benefit payments for 20 California county public employee pensions systems. Coordinate research with the Benefits Research Group and developed final report and plan for release.



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