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  • Assembly Rules Committee/Joint Legislative Smart Growth Caucus
  • Communications Strategy, Grassroots Development
    Assist Joint Legislative Smart Growth Caucus on media strategy and outreach for hearings on policy issues. Develop plan for statewide advisory body on agriculture land conservation funding for Assembly Local Government Committee.

  • Cadiz, Inc.
  • Communications and Marketing Strategy
    Craft outreach plan to environmental community about water storage project aimed at reducing water drawn from Colorado River during dry year flows. Identify key issue leaders and organize policy briefings. Develop outreach strategies, key messages, and news media strategies.

  • California Distributed Generation Campaign
  • Grassroots Campaign
    Plan and organize grassroots coalition to support controls on diesel generators in favor of locally operated renewable and low-polluting energy sources. Coordinate "Emergency Summit on Public Health Threats From California's Energy Crisis" and communications plan for promoting successful renewable distributed generation projects.

  • Californians for Flood Safety
  • Grass Roots Campaign Strategy and Management
    Build a regional multi-stakeholder group to support federal authorization of flood safety projects that protect and sustain the California economy.

  • Citizens for Flood Safety
  • Campaign Strategy and Management
    Plan and run a comprehensive community-based campaign to pass a $326 million assessment to protect more than 140,000 homes and businesses in Sacramento. Work with elected officials and property owners to recruit grass roots support through direct mail, neighbor to neighbor outreach, issues in the pulpit, business to business communication, and community media outreach. Developed campaign website, educational video, speakers bureau, fundraising effort, and get out the vote effort.

  • Coalition for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Technologies (CEERT)
  • Grass Roots Research, Strategy
    Ongoing refinement of outreach and coalition efforts with key environmental and labor allies in targeted areas of California. Research and analysis of potential opportunities for coordinated actions.

  • Consumers Union
  • Communications Strategy
    Ongoing refinement of organizational position on California energy crisis and federal energy policy. Develop strategy for media releaseof petition to Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

  • National DG Micropower Campaign
  • Grassroots Campaign
    Plan and organize national grassroots coalition to support controls on decentralized diesel generators in favor of locally operated renewable and low-polluting energy sources. Oversee drafting and release of reports detailing and analyzing state government efforts regarding micropower.

  • Natomas Citizens for Flood Safety
  • Campaign Management
    Plan and direct a citizen support campaign in a proposition 218 assessment district election that garnered more than 85% support despite a weak economy.

  • Presidio National Park
  • Communications Strategy and Marketing
    Communications audit and audience research project to develop key messages and help brand the nation’s greatest urban national park as they launch the revitalization of the historic main post of the former military base.

  • Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition and Computer Take Back Campaign
  • Communications Strategy, Grass Roots Campaign Development
    Work with coalition of national and regional groups to develop three year communications plan for a policy campaign pushing for reuse and recycling of electronics waste. Helped facilitate planning process, group meetings and drafted comprehensive plan to coordinate communications efforts.
    Take Back Campaign 
  • Sutter County and Yuba City
  • Strategic Planning and Campaign Development
    Work with city and county staff and elected officials to develop a public education and marketing campaign around flood protection and management issues.

  • Sutter-Butte Flood Control Agency
  • Branding, Marketing. Community Relations Strategy. Coordination of Assessment Election.
    Help launch a new joint powers authority to improve flood protections by developing and implementing a strategy to introduce the agency and increase awareness of the regional hazards.

    In 2010 we coordinated the legal, accounting, security, mailing, tablulation, and reporting of a 40,000 property owner assessment election under Propostion 218.

  • The Nature Conservancy
  • Policy Analysis, Communications Strategy, and Outreach
    Research and plan effort to engage pension investment staff on forestry sustainability and carbon sequestration. Research and draft background memos, talking points, agendas and follow-up action for meetings between The Nature Conservancy, the largest US conservation organization, and CalPERS, the largest state pension fund.

  • Union of Needletrades, Industrial and Textile Employees (UNITE!)/ Cintas Dirty Laundry Campaign
  • Coalition Building, Organizing Strategy
    Work with staff at garment trades union to research environmental record of major laundry company that is both notoriously anti-union and a polluter in many communities. Assist in outreach and coalition building with local and state environmental groups.

  • Western Organization of Resource Councils
  • Strategic Planning and Campaign Development
    Work with leaders of regional network of seven grassroots community organizations to develop multi state organizing plans around food security and water quality issues.

  • Zero Emissions Vehicles (ZEV) Campaign/California Gasoline Accountability
  • Grassroots Campaign Development
    Develop strategy and campaign to focus public and policy makers on external costs resulting from transportation systems dependent on fossil fuels. Organize grassroots coalition, research and write report, supervise production of print and electronic media, organize news conferences.
    Clean Air Cars 


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