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  Michael Picker
Michael Picker has 30 years of experience in policy development, local and state government administration, grassroots policy campaigns, coalition building, community organizing, non-profit management, and press relations.
  • Chief of Staff to Sacramento Mayor Joe Serna, Jr., managing staff, policy agenda, press and community relations (Mayor’s Council of Economic Development Advisors, Mayor’s Commission on Education and the Future of the City and several other policy-oriented coalitions). Helped develop strategies on converting military facilities to civilian use, obtaining better flood protection for the historic city, and building regional mass transit projects.
  • Deputy Treasurer of California. Helped incoming Treasurer establish office, directed staff, sat as trustee-delegate on California Public Employees Retirement System (CalPERS) and California State Teachers Retirement System (CalSTRS). Served as Executive Director of the California Industrial Development Financing Advisory Council.
  • Deputy Assistant to the Governor for Toxic Substances Control. Initiated groundbreaking local government policies and programs to reduce toxic hazards. Managed the Local Government Assistance Program in the state’s Toxic Substances Control Program. Formed the Toxics Assessment Group, where top analysts of industrial wastes served businesses, environmental groups and public agencies.
  • Helped found the Toxics Coordinating Project, a statewide nonprofit coalition of environmental, farm, labor and neighborhood groups that framed local and statewide policy on toxic hazards in California. West Coast Director of the National Toxics Campaign, where he supervised coalition building and organizing efforts in six Western states.
  • Extensive experience in political, issue, and media campaigns. Directed successful local elections (Sacramento, Butte, Bakersfield and Yolo), including two campaigns for Mayor of Sacramento, and the successful statewide campaign of Phil Angelides for Treasurer in 1998. Coordinated the United Democratic campaign efforts in the Sacramento Valley in 1988 and 1992 and served on the Steering Committee for environmental initiatives Prop 65 (1986) and Big Green/Prop 128 (1988).
  • Former lecturer at UCLA’s Graduate School of Architecture and Urban Planning and instructor at Occidental College’s Urban and Environmental Policies Institute. Holds MBA from the University of California at Davis, specializing in marketing, social marketing and nonprofit management.


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