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Lincoln Crow works with organizations and businesses motivated by strong missions, helping them to tell their unique story. Whether our clients want to connect with specific internal constituencies or targeted outside audiences we find effective communications vehicles.

By helping fine tune those organizational goals and capacities through strategic planning, organizational development, market and political positioning, media management, public affairs, and community relations we help our clients become more effective.

With our help, they can better communicate their mission; achieve their goals; affirm their values in creative actions, campaigns and programs; and build strong relations with new allies.

We specialize in working with advocacy groups, grassroots coalitions, labor unions, community-engaged businesses, public agencies, foundations, and community-based organizations.




what we do


Estabishing a strong identity is critical for any organization or policy initiative. Through research and planning Lincoln Crow works with organiztions to clarify their identity to their key audiences and develop outreach mechanisms appropriate to the brand of the organization or issue.


Sometimes organizations find it more efficient to work with outside staff to achieve an objective, rather than using internal resources to build, then abandon short-term capacity, Lincoln Crow helps clients by managing campaigns or finding an appropriate and responsible person to help coordinate campaign efforts.


Many organizations have a difficult time clearly saying what it is that they do, how they do it, and how someone can tell that it has been done well. Lincoln Crow helps clients to tell their story. Our clients can then move others, inside their organizations and out, to actions furthering their goals.


Organizations can find they donít have the strength or capacity required to achieve their goals. Lincoln Crow helps clients develop the capacity to set clear objectives and win their goals. By working in new ways or gaining new skills, our clients get renewed commitment from staff and members, recruit or train strong leaders, build effective coalitions, launch new programs, and move forward on their agendas.


Many organizations need assistance to decide among competing goals and determine achievable objectives. Lincoln Crow helps clients to survey the world around them, assess their resources and capabilities, and then to select and implement a clear, winnable course of action.


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