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Poison PC Update
Ultimately the company determined that even that price wasn’t enough without a real program behind it and they have removed the offer from their website.

  • To help Dell’s Austin neighbors see how the company’s failure to develop a sound recycling policy despite its central role as a market leader in computer marketing retarded national policy efforts, the Campaign arranged a Town Hall Meeting on electronics recycling, hosted by Texas legislators and special guest Jim Hightower. The well attended event featured national and international experts on electronics manufacturing, toxic wastes, and recycling.

  • The following day, Campaign leaders delivered ewaste collected on the Truck Tour to Michael Dell at the meeting of his company’s shareholders. Campaign members who held stock in the company asked Dell probing questions that revealed how flawed the company’s recycling efforts are. With the trucks from the "Hard Drive Across the West" gathered outside, the company agreed to accept the obsolete Dell computers collected in different communities. The company’s new recycler agreed to sign a pledge not to dispose ewaste in landfills or ship residues overseas.

Later, Dell set up a program to take back all Dell’s products, and has been working with the Take Back Campaign and other environmental groups to reduce the amounts of toxics in Dell products.


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