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Winning Pension Power
Based on analysis of past elections the target number for winning was 22,000 voters. In an election where a 19 percent turnout is usual and the highest vote getter wins no matter how many candidates there are, that meant identifying 40,000 supporters and getting more than 50 percent to vote for George Diehr.

Diehr developed his own candidate campaign entity and hired an independent manager to assist him in a rigorous outreach program creating opportunities to meet the maximum number of potential voters. The Diehr campaign raised more than $40,000 and put the candidate into direct contact with thousands of state employees. In three months he visited 20 California State University System (CSUS) campuses and more than 70 state buildings in Sacramento, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, and San Francisco.

Lincoln Crow developed two campaign plans: one for an effective CFA member education and mobilization plan and a second for a statewide independent expenditure campaign designed to mobilize state workers belonging to other employee organizations.

CFA retained Lincoln Crow to implement the membership campaign plan, producing all materials, working with CFA staff on member mobilization, and developing a grass roots effort on CSUS campuses to vote for George Diehr.

Californians for Public Employees Health and Retirement Security retained Lincoln Crow to manage all aspects of the independent expenditure campaign to reach out to the other 220,000 state employees.


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