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Clean Air Cars
The California Gasoline Accountability Project asked Lincoln Crow to write and produce a comprehensive report on the threats posed by oil extraction, crude oil shipping, storage, refining, gasoline pipelines and storage, and auto and truck emissions. The report made compelling arguments for a move away from fossil fuels to alternative power transit in California.

The Project organized 8 news conferences to release the report, "Crude Reckoning: The Impact of Petroleum on California’s Public Health and Environment." Lincoln Crow coordinated a Video News Release and statewide media outreach. The news conferences were widely reported, hitting some 46 different news outlets in 9 California markets.

The target decision making body, the California Air Resources Board, voted to maintain their mandate. Working with the Los Angeles Chapter of Physicians for Social Responsibility, the Project has continued to catalog the costs of gasoline and diesel on public health in California.


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