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Family Farm Action

Lincoln Crow worked with a steering committee on an organizational development process. Through a series of conference calls, regional meetings, and national meetings, organizations representing members in 30 states decided to begin a long-term movement building effort that includes direct actions, corporate engagement, and leadership development as well as their initial interest in a farm bill fight.

Lincoln Crow then worked with the organizations on a campaign plan, communications strategy, a decision-making structure, and a fundraising mechanism. The National Farm Action Campaign is the result of that work.

In June 2001 NFAC launched an effort to block the appointment of a federal rural economic development official that is designed to build alliances with other rural and farm constituencies. In August 2001 they took up the farm bill fight in those states where there is a base.

The National Farm Action Campaign has recently hired its first national organizer, is operating from an approximately $800,000 annual budget, and is moving on all of the areas they feel are critical to building a movement of family farmers


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