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Building Homeowner Power
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Winning Pension Power
Building Homeowner Power
First they expanded their usual one day conference into two days of interactive workshops, trainings, and planning sessions. Then they used the promise of new skills and real engagement in shaping the future of the organization to recruit new participants to the convention.

Based on the success of the convention additional new board members were elected and they organized a retreat to develop a three year strategic plan. By emphasizing the recruitment and training of new leaders GSMOL committed to building more power for residents across all the regions of California.

By ensuring strong, well-trained volunteer leaders throughout the state GSMOL was able to arrest a slow decline in membership, launch new legislative initiatives to protect home owner rights, and develop a new organizing program that strengthens local chapters so they can recruit new members.

Halfway through their strategic plan the board of GSMOL brought in leaders from all regions of the state in summer 2011 to expand the strategic plan and launch the recruitment for the 50th Anniversary Convention in 2012.



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