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Citizens for Flood Safety
Lincoln Crow devised an advocacy effort for a local property assessment election, quickly organizing a grassroots presence for improvements to local levees and changes to Folsom Dam upstream of the cityís historic urban core. Working with a fundraising team from the business community (Downtown Sacramento Partnership, Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce, Building Industry Association of Northern California, and Sacramento Association of Realtors), local elected officials and other community leaders, Lincoln Crow crafted a coalition outreach effort and a targeted voter education effort aimed at property owners at risk.

The timeline was short. In order to reach the voters in a property owner assessment election, carried out under Californiaís Prop 218, Lincoln Crown announced the formation of the coalition, but then focused on individual contacts with different groups: homeowners, multi-family property owners, commercial and industrial property owners, and ag landowners. Tactics included: phone banking to identify supporters; direct mail to different neighborhoods showing past flooding and identifying flood hazards and proposed solutions for each of those neighborhoods; business-to-business outreach, along with DVDís showing details of flood issues and successes of past efforts to improve protects for out of town property owners; and a well-visited website.


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