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Benefits Research Group
Building Homeowner Power
Citizens for Flood Safety
Clean Air Cars
Family Farm Action
Fighting Pension Privatization
Handling GASB 43/45 and OPEB
Investing for Human Rights
Poison PC Update
Take Back Campaign
Winning Pension Power
Handling GASB 43/45 and OPEB
This Tool Kit was produced for Californians for Health Care and Retirement Security (CHCRS), a coalition of California employee and seniors groups organized to maintain decent, dignified and secure retirement programs for retired California government workers. Without these supports, many hardworking teachers, police, firefighters, nurses and other public servants would be forced out of the middle class when they retire, unable to afford decent housing, health care or other basics. Working together for many years the coalition has had several names and many successes in defending retirement benefits. Last year, CHCRS (then called “California Families Against Privatizing Retirement”) successfully resisted Governor Schwarzenegger’s efforts to convert California’s well run system of pensions for public employees into 401-k style private accounts.


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