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Within days of the governorís state of the state address, the coalitionís constituent organizations were educating their members with arguments against privatization and in favor a of a secure defined benefit retirement system. The coalition held off on major publicity on the death benefits flaw, waiting to see if the Governorís advisors would acknowledge warnings from within their ranks about the sloppy drafting.

When in mid-February the initiative signature gathers hit the streets with the flawed clauses intact, CFAPR launched another wave of member training on the new death and disability message, and organized a news conference in front of the Peace Officers Memorial next to the State Capitol. With nearly a dozen survivors of police and firefighters who had sacrificed their lives, joining active police in opposition, the event drew seven television cameras. Schwarzennegger and Richman denied that their proposals would end death and disability benefits.

Across California rank and file public employees, including visibly outraged police and firefighters and their families, began holding local media events to demonstrate their opposition and raise the issue of the elimination of death and disability benefits. Survivors and injured police and firefighters raised the issue in multiple legislative hearings. Proponents of the pension measure regularly denied the issue of survivor benefits, as reporters kept asking them about the issue. When state lawyers in the Attorney Generalís Office ruled that the sloppy initiative language ended death benefits, public faith in proponentís credibility dropped further.



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